IMS Students Honored by the CT Writing Project

IMS Students Honored by the CT Writing Project
Posted on 04/06/2020
The following IMS Students have been recognized and honored by the Connecting Writing Project for their achievements in writing.  Congratulations to all students who submitted their writing and have been recognized for their achievements.

Patrick Stewart – Platinum Award (Publication) for “Winter”
Asher Yanez – Silver – “The Adventures of Asher”
Kimaya Kolhe – Honorable Mention – “Too Much TV for Dad”
Nayan Varma – Artwork Honorable Mention – “Striped Hyena”
Nayan Varma – Platinum Award (Publication) for “A Day in the Life of a Homoerectus Family
Anushka Ramesh – Platinum Award (Publication) for “The Ichthyosaur”
Avery Stewart – Honorable Mention – “Trouble in Egypt”
Zoe Callahan – Platinum Award (Publication) – “Native Americans of the Northeast Region